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The Wedding Chapel Featured On FOX 29 NEWS

An emergency situation led to a phone call to The Wedding Chapel, where a ceremony was

performed at Adventure Aquarium on Halloween with only a few hours notice.

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I was married at the wedding chapel on August 10th, 2012. Everything was absolutely beautiful and perfect from the ambiance, ceremony, vows, service from the staff, pictures, etc. My husband, family, and myself were all very pleased. We had a great evening and this is exactly what we wanted for our small, private ceremony. The prices are very reasonable. We will highly recommend the wedding chapel to other folks that we know that plan to be married. Thank you ladies for our special day completely awesome. :)

I recently had my wedding ceremony here and it was wonderful. The ladies sat down with us and went over our evening peale ceremony which was beautiful by the way. I met with Nicole about a week before our wedding to go over our last planning and she even recommended the friendship vowels for my husband and I since we have been friends going back as far as 6th grade. The staff here puts their all into making your money and budget work for you. On the day of our wedding my flower girl forgot her basket but that was no problem at all in a matter of 5 minutes she had a basket and rose pedals and was set to go. They were always available to answer my questions. I had no doubt as to what my ceremony would look like because it was planned with such detail. I wanted a very intimate ceremony and that s exactly what I had. As with any business they have a policy there is no refund on their deposits which is understandable to me because they make your day so private your not waiting in line or walking down the hall and seeing strangers faces its all about you. They also provide a very reasonable picture package that it super budget friendly. Over all my day was perfect and it turned out to be better than what I expected which is AWESOME

5 STAR REVIEW - please keep reading. I tried to post this as an actual review, but kept getting an error, so i am posting as a comment just to get it in here: my husband and i wanted to renew our vows, so we set up a date just last week (oct 6, 2012) with myself, my husband and our toddler son. it was perfect. intimate, personal and special. we were warmly welcomed, Rev. Nicole took the time to really speak to us and get a feel for who we were - we were offered to either perform the ceremony inside or outside and we got remarried! it was as simple as that and so affordable. Nicole said a few words - that uncannily mirrored the same sentiments that my husband wrote to each other (we wrote our own vows) - and she blessed the rings and she had us recite official vows - not the typical for a first marriage - but wording to fit a reaffirmation and she was moving and we moved her as she was crying by the end. it just felt so personal and we really got the feeling she CARES. she and her mother (the photographer) were wonderful with our 2 yr old and she took some really beautiful pictures (only 75.00 extra) - taking the time to set up the shots and position us and placing us around and in a tree, window shots - they really make the most of the grounds and find amazing placements for pictures where most of us would just see a bush, or a porch or a tree. My husband, child and I were completely at ease and felt so comfortable and intimate - it was really a very special day. If you are looking for a small quiet ceremony, intimate and affordable and personal, then this is a great place to look into. it s charming, inexpensive and we actually enjoyed the whole event from start to finish. relaxing - no stress - for our renewal it was perfect. while most of the reviews i read were on the positive side, I did notice some negative ones - all i can say is - if you are interested in a place like this, at least check it out for yourself before just relying on any of the reviews, good or bad - decide for yourself...I personally think you will be quite happy if you do. 

My wife and I were married in November of 2011. After two years of initially wanting a large wedding, we decided that it was a moment about us and not about other people. We opted, instead, to have a small, traditional wedding in font of our parents and siblings. We also wanted our dog child - a rambunctious 3 year old shih tzu - in the wedding and they were more than happy to provide for this, as long as the doggie was wearing a diaper. Toy and Nicole were not only helpful but they went above and beyond what a wedding chapel should do. This isn't your typical drive in and drive out, take a number chapel like Yerkes in Delaware County - this is a quaint ceremony followed by them taking phenomenal pictures, if the package you pick calls for it. Toy and Nicole are also very down-to-earth people understanding of your situations and ready to adjust to any type of wedding you'd like to do. They will also file the necessary post-wedding paperwork for you right away. The price of a wedding there refunds itself many times over and if you want a small wedding with a friendly atmosphere, we highly recommend The Wedding Chapel.. 

I would like to say this was a good choice ( what you see is what you get ) & more nicole did a beautiful job even though it was 9pm @ night. the only thing it was to dark outside for pics. we were guided through the whole ceremony step by step, she made it worth it all smiles my indoor pics look beautiful. dont for get the prices is just right for each package.she even made dinner reservations for us 1 block away. thank you 

 Appeal Excellent Facilities Excellent Service Excellent

The chapel is a charming place I loved everything and the people are very personable. Me and my new wife were very happy with the service the staff provide
Appeal Very good Facilities Very good Service Excellent
Rev. Nicole was warm, inviting and sincere! You'd think after performing a dozen weddings she'd had been unemotional but she delivered the service as if we were family! I'd definitely come back again lol.... (This one IS the ONE!) The photographer was professional and they worked very well together. The Wedding Chapel is very accommodating of your wishes as they understand that it is your big day... couldn't been happier with the experience....unless it was a the Hilton for $500 a person and .... well... a man can dream can't he?
Appeal Excellent Facilities Excellent Service Excellent
The Chapel is a beautiful place. The garden area is georgeous and I'm looking forward to my wedding in November. Thank you Nicole!
Overall Excellent
What a wonderful place! What wonderful people! I was shocked and elated at how pretty and romantic everything was the night of our wedding! I really couldn't imagine how beautiful it would be decorated (which they did entirely on their own-I didn't provide and decorations!). Rev. Jennings treated me as if she had known and cared for me my whole life! It takes another woman to understand what needs to be done to make a wedding day a fairytale come true. Do yourself a favor, no matter what your budget-sit and talk with Rev. Jennings and Nicole before chosing where you will exchange vows. Attendees loved it as well here as well, and they were asking for business cards! Thank you for making my day perfect! P.S. I got my marriage license back 6 days after the wedding (yesterday!)
Overall Excellent   
I dont know what 'elizabeth' is talking about, but my husband and I were married in sept, and I couldnt be happier! We about lost our minds trying to find a place to get married that would be affordable, beautiful, and still let us (me!) feel like we were the most important couple in the world. We worked with Nicole, who helped us (me) figure out answers to questions I didnt even know we should be asking from the beginning. She went beyond the simple and cold "what colors, what time, what payment plan' format we ran into EVERYWHERE else and actually asked about how we were planning for our MARRIAGE, not just the party to kick it off. When my wedding party was being drama-filled, Nicole was there to keep me sane, and took care of details I didnt even find out about until weeks later when my aunt told me how impressed she was. The space was simply stunning, and her staff made my friends and family feel welcome and totally unselfconscious (quite a feat for my crew!) The ceremony itself was perfect, since she took the time to get to know us, and what we think is important and worked that into our vows and her blessing. I am beyond grateful to have gotten to be one of Nicole's Brides- she was a miracle on two feet who let me have a beautiful wedding day that when we look at the pictures, there are fabulous memories and really HAPPY smiles everywhere... another amazing thing in my high-maintenance family! THANK YOU!!!!

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